About Us

In 1995, The Tin Whistle Brewery opened. It was the first microbrewery in the South Okanagan. A pioneer in the world of craft beer. Through the years, this family owned brewery has created many exciting brews. We are known for our quality, innovative brews. All our ales are preservative and chemical free. We try to support Canadian products and source our ingredients locally.

Located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley which is renowned for wine, we are fortunate to have many fruits, berries and grapes available to us. We have utilized many of these in our Seasonal Ales. We strive for excellence in all we make and strive to provide our customers with excellent service.

The brewery is named after a locomotive on the Kettle Valley Railway which operated in the Thompson-Okanagan region. Many of our ales are named after flora and fauna of the Okanagan Valley.

We are members of CAMRA and the Craft Brewers Association of BC. We give regularly and often to charity and local organizations.

Tin Whistle Brewery

Photo of Brooke receiving an award.As the popularity of local brews rages on, the fan base for Tin Whistle Brewing continues to grow. Lorraine Nagy has been the owner of the Tin Whistle Brewery since 1998 - she laughs at what was supposed to be a five year plan turning into 15+, but she loves it.
Now making 10 types of beer at their brewery in Penticton, Nagy says it is full steam ahead.

I think more and more people are discovering that fine beer is like fine wine. There are many kinds of beer for every occasion.

As to the growth of the industry, craft beer has been growing at a steady rate while large brewery beer has stagnated over the last few years.

People don't tire of craft as there is always something new and exciting to tantilize your taste buds!

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