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Finely Hand Crafted Ale Since 1995.

First Micro Brewery in the South Okanagan Valley

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Good-better-best. Never let it rest until your good is better and your be''er is... Tin Whistle.


Matt Farmer


Ultimate TASTE experience like no other

Paradise-Coconut Hopfenweisse

This unfiltered delight has the foundation of the classic Weizen in all its wheat glory but is partnered with tropical, bright, hoppy flavours - courtesy of citra and mosaic hops. Cocnut and banana tones are the finishing touch.

Tin Whistle BREWERY

Family owned small independent brewery. All Grain Brewery.

MoreAT Tin Whistle

Come and visit us for Tastings as well as view our Brewery. Pick up a few beers and check out our Tasting Den.

Jerk Sauce

We make a Jerk Sauce, infused with our renouned English Dark Ale, Black Widow. We teamed up with Mr Mark's Caribbean Foods to bring you a Jerk Sauce that will add flavour and punch to your favourite recipes.


We have an exclusive collection of Tin Whistle T-shirts that will make you look and feel great. Well we can't obviously guarantee this but we will guarantee that after a few of our delicious beers, you will be able to strut, with the best of them, and look and feel debonair. lol

Water Paintings

We have a small number of Original water paintings by local artist, Richard Lyons. Our instore collection consists of Railway themed water paintings which will look great adorning your wall. Every time you enjoy one of our beers you can view your painting and remember a bygone steam train era


Hibiscus Saison

The stunning pink colour sets the stage for this Hibiscus Saison. The yeast offers fruity tones with a mellow spice. It's combined with floral berry flavours from the hibiscus and a complimentally finish of smooth sae salt. Also, it finishes dry, refreshing and highly carbonated. 650ml | 6.1% alc. | 25 IBU



Here we try to share our vision about our sports, our mission about customer’s satisfaction and introducing services that we provide for you.


Killer Bee
Doesn't sting your tongue, but your friends might sting you in the butt, if you don't share!!


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Is the year we started creating quality real Ale